At UltiAD our driver’s satisfaction¬†is our priority¬†

Our Recruitment team is ready to meet with you, any time any and anywhere! We want you to start earning right away!

How It Works

Application & Assessment

The first step is to apply and sign up your vehicle to get a wrap or a decal. Once approved, We finalize your account and get you ready to Drive with an UltiAD.

Branding & Apply the UltiAD

The next step is to find the perfect brand for your vehicle that will benefit both ends of the contract. Once found, one of our recruiters will arrange a meeting to apply the UltiAD and BOOM! you are on your way to earning!

Time To Drive

It Is time to drive your wallet bigger! Once the UltiAD is placed all you have to do is have proof of placement & wellness, then you’ll receive your payment every month.