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Revolutionary Approach to Marketing

UltiAD is bringing a new form of advertising to the table. With an UltiAD you can now Display your brand on Private & Non-Private Vehicles. 

Our Viewership

With an UltiAD you can reach a whole new market. UltiADs give your brand an advantage that Billboard and Bus ads cannot. Why pay more for less?


We Are The Cheapest Form of Physical Advertising

We cover more ground per Display and cost less per month than all of our competitors. Some of our competitors are 13 times more expensive than our premium package.

Bus Advertisment 

Bus Advertisment is probably our closest compition. We target the similiar viewer ship, except an UltiAD atracts a diffrent eye. Busses do not travel the flow of traffic. They make frequent stops, and travel in bus lanes. Our drivers get stuck in traffic, Imagine being stuck in traffic for 45 minutes with your brand on staring you in the face from an UltiAD. You’d Never forget that Brand!

BillBoard Advertisements 

Billboard advertisements are out dated. With an UltiAD you can access the 21st century Billboard. One that moves! A billboard is only targeting the same market that drives past it each day. An UltiAD changes its times and routes it travels making it more likely to be seen by more. Also, every one of our drivers goes home and parks their cars. Once an UltiAD is parked it also becomes a temporary billboard 

Transit Shelters 

Transit Shelters are hidden from most viewerships eye. The typical viewer is your transit rider, or drivers if your display is in a peak location. Peak locations can get close to double the price for a bus shelter. Even the worst Bus shelter is more expensive than 1 UltiAD. We cover more, Cost less, and are the newest form of advetising. Now all you have to ask yourself will your brand be with the wave?

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